Jobs & Internships

As a graduating engineer it is very important to have a good curriculum vitae (CV or resume). Therefore PK can help you making one by organizing specific events, providing guidelines and tips.

Template example

For the IR Job Fair PK encourages the students to send their CV which will be provided to all companies who attend our Job Fair. To register for the entire program of this Job Fair, please complete the following form;

! Deadline = Thursday the 15th of February, 11h00 AM!


To submit your CV, you have to make sure  it complies to the following rules:

  1. Maximum 2 pages long for non-PhD students and 4 pages for PhD students
  2. PDF format
  3. Submit deadline: 15/02/2018
  4. (name)_(BA3/MA1/MA2/PhD)_(industrial/civil(=burgerlijk) engineering)_(field of study)_(option) e.g.: BryanConvens_MA2_civilengineering_electromechanical_mechatronics

CVs of students which are sent too late will not be put in the CV booklet for the companies.